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SEO Frequently Asked Questions

Some factors to consider when search engine optimization is your core strategy:


SEO is earned over time and is determined by a variety of factors that are constantly changing and differing from search engines to search engines.


Website’s page rank is not calculated in isolation. Competition with other websites for the same keyword phrases determines a website’s page rank.


It is generally unwise to use too many keyword phrases on a single webpage. Instead, group keywords around narrow topics and create targeted SEO landing pages that provide the information the person is looking for.


Research is essential. It’s important to delve deep into what your competitors are doing and carefully choose which keywords and phrases to target.


SEO is technically free because you don’t pay for ads. However, this can be very time consuming and time is money.


SEO shouldn’t be viewed as a one-time thing. The internet is a very competitive space. When an SEO campaign reaches a high page rank, stopping there allows competitors to gradually catch up and overtake.


Offsite optimization is important, but many people wonder what to focus their efforts on. The short answer is, we recommend targeting high quality inbound links rather than a large number of links.


The meta title, the meta description and the URL of a webpage play an important role in increasing the number of clicks on the search engine results page. It is important to adjust accordingly.


It’s important to consider how customers use search engines and whether or not location is a factor. At Yellow Digital we often target search engine optimization in the UK specifically for local businesses.

Keyword is the exact word or phrase in English (or other languages) that the user searches with on the Google search engine. The final decision on how to define a keyword will be related to the Google Keyword Planner.

Our estimate is 6 months. Why is it just an estimate? Since Google Search Engine Optimization (SEO) UK is heavily influenced by a number of ever changing factors including how competitive it is, the resources that the competitors are entering, the frequency with which your website’s Google Bot rank is updated, the update in the google ranking algorithm, all of which are out of control. In our experience, your website’s keyword ranking will slowly creep up to the 1st page (or top 3) within 6 months.

Unfortunately, no. As mentioned in the previous answer, website PageRank is affected by a number of factors that are constantly changing and are out of control. It is illogical to tell you that although there are many uncontrollable factors, the result can be guaranteed. Is not it? Of course we do not guarantee that we are not sure about getting your website on the 1st page (or top 3).

On the contrary, if someone tells you that the SEO result is guaranteed, please double-look to see if they are using dark skills, including buying artificial traffic, link or content farming, or keyword cloaking, which exposes your website to the risk of being blocked by Google, especially after the service contract has ended.

Just start a new keyword. If a certain keyword ranking of your website is in the 1st place before a Google SEO plan expires. If the keywords were already in 1st place, the remaining service period will be assigned to a jointly agreed new keyword.

There isn’t a single formula that can predict how long your website will stay on the first page because your website’s keyword ranking is affected by a number of ever-changing factors that are out of control. However, in our experience, it is much more difficult for a website to go up than it is to go down as the organic web traffic drops out in favor of the high ranking website, creating a positive loop to keep your website high. In many cases that we have done, the sites stay on the first page for years.

No. There are many options in the UK including sending eDM, online ads (Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Linkedin, YouTube) or even the O2O integration. However, while SEM (PPC or Google Adwords) is the fastest way that can be effective almost immediately after paying, SEO is the most permanent way that the effect can last for months or even years.

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