How to get the most out of AR and VR

How to get the most out of AR and VR

Our life is full of technology. With the speed at which technology is evolving, it is not always easy to keep up with all that is possible today and understand how it can benefit you.

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) have become an integral part of economy and industry and are undoubtedly technologies that you should know more about. In this blog, we want to help you understand the basics, and most importantly, how AR / VR can benefit your business.

What is what?
VR is a technology that enables users to be fully immersed in a virtual environment. The entire experience is computer generated, multi-sensory and requires the use of a VR headset. In addition to experiencing VR, it also enables the user to interact with the simulated environment. If you’re into gaming you know exactly what experience we’re talking about.

AR, on the other hand, adds layers of information over a physical environment and enhances the real world with digitally generated overlays. AR can be viewed on an Android or iOS device through an app without the need for a special headset. AR is intended to provide the user with additional information about the environment and the objects immersed in it.

How to benefit from AR and VR

Although most of us are familiar with VR from the gaming industry, both AR and VR technologies are only now showing signs of real application with a new generation of hardware and software aimed at commercial businesses and end users. Few new technologies have generated such hype before and with no signs of slowing down (projections show industry growth of up to USD 108 billion as early as 2021), we at WECREATE have included this technology in our marketing toolkit. We love using technology to discover opportunities and solve problems, and we ride this wave of new tech applications to give you the advantage of staying one step ahead of everyone else.

The advantages of introducing AR and VR technologies in your business:

  1. You stand out from the competition
    – AR and VR technology can provide unmatched experiences for customers and turn off any lurking competitors.
  2. Personalized showcasing of goods
    – With an AR app, you can personalize your goods by trying on the customer, placing it in his room, viewing it from all angles and calling up all product details.
  3. Attract a younger audience
    – VR and AR apps are hot and popular with the youth. Teenagers are influential; they can make great advertisers for your business.

The options in AR and VR apply to every industry. Imagine trying out makeup products, shoes, clothes, or furniture (retail stores). Test a new car and choose interior trim materials (Automotive). (Construction). Visit your destination before you book (Tourism). Learn by seeing and experiencing instead of just reading about it (Education).

It’s all about the experience. Rather than answering your questions with words, please visit us to see how augmented and virtual reality can be used to save time, money and improve your CTAs.