Is digital marketing important? 7 reasons why it matters

Is digital marketing important? 7 reasons why it matters

Digital marketing includes all internet and non-internet channels of a digital nature for marketing. It mainly involves internet media usage like websites, SEO, etc.

Today there are over a billion active users of the Internet, which is why the Internet also functions as a competitive marketing platform.

Marketers have added this new weapon to their armada; The use of more digital platforms has resulted in more discounts than before. Not only small businesses, but also larger companies are investing in digital marketing. Do you want to know why?

Here are some reasons why digital marketing is important:

1. Mobile access
According to the study, over 51% of smartphone users have come across new brands and products while surfing the Internet with their mobile devices. Around 100 million people now use smartphones, which is why it’s easy to reach your audience through digital marketing. From the richest to the less privileged among us, everyone can be found with a cell phone these days. Smartphones provide social networking, e-shopping, and news, all of which are fundamental elements of digital marketing strategies.

2. Cost-effective
Compared to other marketing methods, digital marketing is pretty pocket-friendly. Small businesses are usually on a tight budget, and keeping up with traditional marketing can be a difficult task.

For example, every dollar spent on Google Ads results in an average of $ 2 in revenue, which is a better option than printed ads or billboards. In addition, the amount spent on digital ads worldwide is projected to reach $ 375 billion by 2021. This clearly shows that digital marketing helps a company grow with less marketing spend.

3. It’s measurable
Proofing the effectiveness of your traditional marketing channel can be a tricky task; However, digital marketing gives you specific KPIs for all of your marketers and metrics to measure success. You can easily find out how your ads are performing using the built-in reports. There are terms like watch time, engagement rate, average range, bounce rate, retention charts, etc. that can help you understand if your marketing campaigns have been doing well.

In addition, you can even see your expenses per view. You can also change it, stop it, increase it, and reduce it in the middle of the campaign, which traditional marketing cannot do due to rigid contracts.

4. Expansions and brand reputation
In this day and age, customers are more dependent on e-shopping, and digital marketing will help you succeed. With the internet, you don’t have to define an area for your business here. You can list items on popular websites like Amazon and eBay to sell outside of your region. Additionally, digital marketing could attract traffic from all over the world.

However, your main focus shouldn’t be on reaching large groups; Your reputation matters too! Not only your sales, but your ratings are important too.

You need an efficient online image manager to ensure that your new customers are just as happy and loyal to your brand as your older customers. If you want to build a good brand reputation for yourself through digital marketing, you can turn to experts like Yellow Digital.

5. Improves conversion
In digital marketing, conversions are the most valuable actions customers take who, at the bottom of your sales funnel, will eventually make the final decisions about converting from a lead to a customer. You can improve your conversion rate through digital marketing by optimizing the product reviews and call-to-action buttons in your emails. Also, if you provide your customers with the right information to help them get started in the buying phase, you will get more conversions.

Most customers leave the funnel because they cannot find the right source of information, the right contact person, the right product or the right service. Digital marketing can help you with that.

6. Helps in reaching out to customers
Interacting with your target audience is easy through digital marketing. Internet marketing tools enable you to interact with your customers. You can connect with people who visit your website, leave comments, send messages, or rate your products and services. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter not only enable the medium to have a strong relationship with your customers, but also help marketers to analyze user wishes.

It also improves customer satisfaction rate and sales rate. Now that everyone is active on the internet, targeting audiences through digital marketing is the first choice for marketers.

7. Levels the playing field
Traditional marketing used to limit the idea of ​​competing with large companies, but that’s not the case with digital marketing. Just like other big brands, small businesses can get a good amount of traffic, both locally and internationally, if they choose digital marketing.

Traditional forms of marketing such as print or television advertising are very expensive and only big brands can afford them. However, digital marketing helps you reach your target audience across different platforms on your comfortable budget.

If you ask us, we really like how digital marketing can have a positive impact on your business.

Now that you know the benefits, it’s time to get your own digital marketing strategy rolling, contact us now.