4 Free & simple tools to improve your website’s SEO

4 Free & simple tools to improve your website's SEO

One of the most effective digital marketing tactics for increasing traffic and sales is Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Fortunately assuming you are attempting to acquire a superior comprehension of SEO, there are huge loads of free projects that can assist with working on your site.

Here are 4 tools of our top pick free, and simple-to-use apparatuses to assist develop your site into an SEO-powerhouse.

1. SEO Peek

Another simple, but effective, thanks to improve your site’s SEO is to specialize in your Page Titles and Meta Descriptions – both of which determine the primary impression of web users. Simplified and simple page titles and outline tags can help increase page traffic by increasing your click-through rate (CTR). On the contrary, page titles and outline tags that are too long and lack relevance don’t attract as many clicks.

And to take it even a step further, the more clicks that your website gets on Google’s rankings – the better Google will rank you.

Without having to see the HTML code, SEO Peek allows you to swiftly browse the website’s numerous SEO aspects, such as the page title and description tags.

2. Page Speed Insights

Page speed is getting to be progressively imperative not fair for the generally client involvement, but moreover for your SEO rankings (particularly on versatile). The longer the page loads, the higher the bounce rate is. And the higher the bounce rate, the more awful it is for your SEO.

Bounce rate is so important that even Google’s website experience core indicator data shows that if the page load time even increases from 1 second to three seconds, the bounce rate will increase by an unlimited 32%.

In other words, if you wish to enhance your SEO, your website has to be FAST.

So, how can you measure the speed with which a website loads? The procedure is fairly straightforward. You may use Page Speed Insights to see how fast your website loads. Google developed Page Speed Insights, a website SEO detecting tool. Simply enter the URL into Page Speed Insights, and your result will appear in a matter of minutes.

At the same time, Page Speed Experiences will list the deficiencies of your site as well as grant proposals for where it can be made strides, so that you just can optimize and alter as required.

3. Chrome Lighthouse

As Google’s official SEO tool, Chrome Lighthouse is one in all the most effective free tools to assist evaluate your website’s overall SEO health.

Currently, you’ll be able to use Lighthouse by installing it through the Chrome Web Store. The program is incredibly simple and simple to use. After installation, just go surfing to your website and click on “Generate report”, and after some moments, the program will offer you a bespoke report of your website’s overall SEO status.

4. Check My Links

One of the most underappreciated (but crucial) parts of SEO is internal linking. Internal links assist Google in deciphering the relationship between your pages and make it easier for readers to find content of interest.

However, when your website has been established for an extended time, there’ll inevitably be invalid links, and these invalid links (also remarked as broken links) are bad user experience and SEO as a full.

Thankfully Check My Links may be a free extension for Google Chrome which will facilitate your quickly identify your site’s broken links. Once the extension is added, click ‘detect’, and also the program will facilitate your mark valid links in green and invalid links in red.

The extension also helps you check links in bulk, which might help save lots of your time.

Final Thoughts
SEO takes effort, but the four tools listed below will help you save time and get started on converting your website into an SEO powerhouse.

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