How to increase the visibility of your website in Google search

How to increase the visibility of your website in Google search

Ever typed something in google to search? Have you ever put your own business on Google search and wondered why it wasn’t showing up? Google’s algorithm uses machine learning to rank websites that appear on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) and the algorithm is updated upwards 500-600 times per year. SEO is also a bit of a waiting game as it takes time for crawlers to rank your pages. As an agency, we are here to help you improve your overall ranking on Google and get higher visibility with the most important consumers.

But, once you take matters into your own hands, here are 5 quick tips you can take to improve your ranking:

1. Check your current ranking

Check your search visibility using online tools. The search visibility metric will help you understand how often your website is found on the web. We use paid tools like SEMrush & Ahrefs which have a Visibility percentage metric shown in Position Tracking and Rank Tracker to estimate the visibility trends for the keywords being tracked.

2. Aim for long-tail keywords

Another way to increase your website’s visibility on Google is to choose less competitive keywords, including long-tail keywords. If you look at high volume generic keywords, they get too competitive and incredibly difficult to rank against.

For example, if you are an orthodontist in London, choosing Orthodontist as your keyword is incredibly competitive, but further refinement with more specifiers like wisdom teeth removal in London will help make it less competitive and improve your ranking.

3. Get Mobile-Friendly

Optimize your website to increase page speed and make sure it is optimized for mobile devices. These are ranking factors from Google and if not properly optimized they will reduce your ranking and visibility on the web.

In April 2015, Google released a new mobile-friendly ranking algorithm to improve the ranking of mobile-friendly pages in mobile search results. As early as July 2019, mobile-first indexing was activated by default for all new websites that go live. For older websites, Google will continue to crawl to ensure mobile device best practices on your website.

Do you want to know if your website is mobile optimized? Test your website with a mobile-friendly test or contact us today to make sure your website is mobile-friendly.

4. Add the correct titles and meta descriptions

Follow SEO best practices and make sure title tags include your specific keyword and brand name. Do not exceed the maximum number of characters (60) or duplicate titles on your website.

Have a call to action and a dedicated keyword in your meta descriptions. Make sure the number of characters is not over (160) and the descriptions are engaging and engaging to generate clicks from users. These steps improve your SERP visibility and click rate on your website.

5. Create and Optimize Google My Business

Create and optimize your Google My Business profile by adding services you offer, industry categories, location of your business services and responding to reviews from your customers.

Make sure your name, address, phone number matches your website and across the web. This is another ranking factor on Google that also supports your visibility at the locations you serve.

Are you looking for ways to increase your website’s visibility on Google? Let us know what measures you have taken to improve your visibility and how the last few months have gone.

Do you have any questions about your digital marketing strategy? Get in touch with us to increase your visibility with your audience.