Most Talked About Web Design Trends in 2022

Most Talked About Web Design Trends in 2022 #webdesign

Web design always moves with the times and 2022 will be another year of new trends coming into play.

The days of static information in predictable formats are long gone. Today you can truly express and define your corporate personality through creative web design. That is not to say that companies now have more personality than in the past. It’s simply because of the ever-advancing technology that allows us to express ourselves better.

Web design is our core business and Yellow Digital is always up to date with the latest trends.

We also know that not all web design trends lead to success for every company. So we’re here to help you choose the right one for the trees.

Check out the latest web design trends below.

If you need help understanding what works for your business (i.e. what improves your image, builds relationships, and increases conversion rates), contact us now!

1. Ultra Minimalist Navigation
Web design is getting easier and easier to navigate. Video, speech and animation are used as replacements for descriptive text. This ultra-minimalist navigation makes a website more user-friendly. The less time a visitor has to search, the more time they spend focusing on the content, moving around instead of wondering how to get to the information they are looking for.
With less text on the page, the imagery gets a lot of attention as it becomes the main focus of the eye. Because of this, it’s important to pay special attention to choosing or creating the right images for your brand. The right graphic can say anything without words.

2. Outlined Typography
Being typographically distinctive is one way to stand out from the crowd. Because of this, we will see more use of outlined typography on websites. Large outline font can be used in combination with an animation that fills the outline as you scroll. Who says typography is boring?

3. Dramatic Font Sizes
In 2022, larger than life font sizes that can be read from anywhere in the room are popular. Some companies use these extra-large font sizes to convey their name, occupy half the webpage, and even bleed through the outer grid lines. Others use an oversized font on a plain text screen for very clear navigation. The bigger the better is a trend that we noticed back in 2021 and that will persist for the time being.

4. Vintage
Websites that want a sense of nostalgia are implementing vintage elements on their website. While totally vintage was the trend for a while, incorporating certain vintage elements like colour, typography, or image into an otherwise modern aesthetic is the new way of creating a nostalgic reference without completely stepping back in time.

5. Black and White
In 2022 we will see more and more websites experimenting with just sticking to black and white and not using colour at all. This results in a clean, modern, and crisp look and feel where the layout, graphics, and typography require attention to detail to bring the site to life.

6. Futuristic
The ongoing trend of duotone and isometric web design is the catalyst for using futuristic colours like purple, blue and pink. Lively, saturated colors and glow-in-the-dark effects in combination with darker, more muted colors can make a website pop. This year we will see more and more daring experiments with these futuristic effects.

7. Dark Mode
Dark mode web designs are becoming increasingly popular for a variety of reasons. They look ultra-modern, are easy on the eye (reduce eye strain) and dark backgrounds better highlight design elements in contrasting colours and are therefore easy to read. It just so happens that the dark fashion trend also fits in perfectly with the above-mentioned trend towards futuristic colours.

8. Text Only
We are increasingly seeing that websites only resort to text in their hero area (the main banner on the landing page that gets your attention). This focus on words and typography (and often colour) can be very noticeable. Nothing distracts the visitor from your message, the right typography does all the work. Stop by the New York Times Food Festival to see what we mean.

9. Break the Rules
When it comes to typography, using odd (line) spacing, odd breaks, odd font sizes, twisted or flipped words as art elements definitely creates interesting effects and adds playfulness. Everything is allowed in 2022, but one basic rule must be adhered to at all times: it must remain legible.

10. Animated Illustrations
The use of illustrations was already a trend, but it is growing in importance. Maybe it’s because illustrations can be perfectly tailored to your brand personality and look and feel authentic. They can help tell a story or improve navigation. Illustrations do not have to be static, they can also be animated or used in combination with photographic material. The hottest of all types of animation this year are fluid animations that create water-like movements.

11. Overlapping Elements
Overlapping elements are hot. Layers, shadows, and floating elements add depth to a 2D layout without the need to use 3D technology. Layering can be applied to text, graphics, and photos. It follows the general trending 2022 theme, anything is possible as long as it has a good flow and your message is clear.

Yellow Digital can assist you in incorporating these trends to your webpage, contact us and observe the difference.