Why secure your website with HTTPS?

Why secure your website with HTTPS?

HTTPS is a protocol that is used to secure the exchange of data between a user and the website they are visiting. Between 2014 and 2020, HTTPS usage among the top 100,000 websites tripled, increasing from 7.6% to 67.4%.

Of course, a corporate website on HTTPS is becoming increasingly popular, but is it absolutely necessary?

What is a HTTPS Site?

HTTPS is an acronym for HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure. It is a more secure version of the HTTP protocol that regulates the exchange of data between the user’s workstation and the website’s server. While the data transmitted over HTTP is visible to everyone, with a site in HTTPS all information exchange is encrypted, which protects users from cyber criminals who try to intercept and steal valuable personal and financial information.

Why Have a HTTPS Website?

The HTTPS protocol is one way of increasing the security of your website. A HTTPS site limits the risk of data interception and improves the protection of visitors’ personal data. To ensure a secure exchange, HTTPS uses a SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). This end-to-end encryption means that only the visitor’s computer and your server can decrypt the data.

If you require your visitors to provide their sensitive personal information such as identity, address and bank details in order to access your services, the security of a HTTPS site is of vital importance.

The HTTPS Protocol is Essential!

Google has made it clear that unsafe websites are not worth ranking, so they have given visitors to those websites an extreme warning before continuing to visit Chrome. If you haven’t switched your website to HTTPS yet, this must be a problem. resolved if you want to survive in search optimization for years to come.

The Reassurance of the HTTPS Padlock
A HTTPS site can be identified by a small green padlock on the navigation bar, indicating that the site is secure. Internet users are increasingly concerned about the confidentiality of their personal information, and for visitors, HTTPS notification is an added guarantee that their information is protected.

We advise you not to be satisfied with just a payment page in HTTPS. It’s much better to secure your entire website in HTTPS.

Using Https to Improve Your Google Referencing
Google recently admitted that the HTTPS protocol improves a website’s SEO. A site in HTTPS is rated as more reliable by the search engine and is therefore preferred. Securing your site with HTTPS can influence your positioning on search results pages, provided, of course, that you implement an appropriate SEO strategy and produce optimized content.

Securing Your Site with Https – A Delicate Operation
Transferring your website to the HTTPS protocol is equivalent to a website migration. This process takes time and specialized web development skills. If your team does not have the appropriate knowledge and skills, you will need to hire a web development agency.