3 Tips to Optimize your Landing Page

3 Tips to Optimize your Landing Page

When it comes to landing pages, appearance is important. But as in life, good looks are not enough to make a relationship successful in cyberspace. In order to grab attention and encourage the visitor to get involved, we need to go beyond a beautiful exterior. So what else can we do to get a visitor to act? This is a well-researched topic and we would like to highlight 3 focus areas that could increase your conversion rates; Headlines, testimonials and media.

Sounds easy doesn’t it? One memorable phrase, some soothing comments, and a nice-looking video clip and you are ready for success. However, the recipe is not that simple. To get it right, it takes some research on the customer buying journey. We need to understand what motivates a potential buyer to go beyond window shopping.

What this topic sums up in simple terms is that it is crucial to offer a solution to a specific need. Instead of telling your business story, you need to include your customers’ personal story in answers and solutions. Your product or service needs to meet and improve a need in their life. Behind every click there is a personal motivation that has to be tapped very carefully.

1. Headlines

Once you know what your product or service needs, you can develop the most eye-catching headline for your specific audience. It has to make the reader hungry for more information and encourage them to continue by clicking the CTA button.

2. Testimonials

Regardless of the product or service you are offering and the specific needs it meets, people always need to feel confident about the choices they are about to make. Adding reviews from happy customers to your landing page can help them feel confident about their decision to act. Showing logos of awards your company has won or publications in which you have been featured also increases the feeling of consumers making a safe decision with a trusted source.

3. Visual Media Content

Third, images and especially video content play an important role in your potential customer actions. The brain processes visuals faster than written words. So, if done well, they can do much better than text and keep visitors’ attention of the benefits you offer. The longer you can maintain attention, the more time a potential customer will spend on your website and the more time they will have to decide to hit the CTA button. A visitor stays longer on a webpage with video than on a page with only text and images (5 minutes and 50 seconds versus 43 seconds to be precise). Using video will definitely increase the time spent on the page and help increase conversion rates, provided your video gives the right answers to your customers’ needs.


One final piece of advice that should be added as an extra is always to make sure your CTA button is clearly visible. It needs to grab attention if you want visitors to actually use it. Create enough white space around it so that it isn’t lost, or give it a contrasting color to the color used most often on the page so it stands out. The next steps need to be clear when your visitor sees more in you than just your good looks!


These tips only give a glimpse of what can be learned through marketing psychology and what tools are available for website optimization. Would you like to learn more? Please contact us at Yellow Digital!