5 WordPress website development mistakes that many companies make

5 WordPress web development mistakes that many companies make

Many companies hand over control of their WordPress development to their tech-savvy staff or, as the owner, try to tackle the project yourself and end up making a few mistakes.

Without prior web development experience, it is tedious and time consuming for most people. What initially seemed like a good idea costs the company more in many ways.

To avoid this, consider seeking advice from an expert. Digital marketing agency Yellow Digital UK has the critical industry knowledge to protect businesses from a wide variety of WordPress related issues.

1. Not Creating A WordPress Backup

In many ways for a non-developer, setup is the only real problem that stands between your business and a WordPress-enhanced future. When companies manage to create their own, they feel a sense of achievement until they run into problems and discover that they haven’t created a backup.

Your WordPress build needs to be fully secured in order to function. The same goes for your database. There are several ways to take your backup and make sure it is completely saved and backed up. Any reasonable developer will usually back up all of your files through the control panel and install a backup plugin on your site to ensure that you are protected in the future.

2. No SEO Boosts

When you initially start building your WordPress site there is an option to prevent search engines from indexing it. This is especially useful if your site is not ready yet. However, many companies have forgotten to turn this feature back on. If a finished WordPress website isn’t indexed, very few people will be able to find it. All further marketing and web design strategies will be ineffective without this.

Unless you install a WordPress SEO plugin to help your business monitor performance and make adjustments, you’re instantly missing out on visitors and connections. WordPress SEO related knowledge will ensure that your website continues to grow. It’s one of the best tools available when used correctly. So get the UK WordPress web development experts to help you.

3. Security Matters

Unless companies are trained in web development they don’t take WordPress security seriously as it is a global host, what could possibly go wrong? An unprotected WordPress can still be hacked.

It is the right way to turn to the professionals for installing and monitoring suspicious activity and blacklisting IPs. It is necessary for companies to update their website regularly. Get WordPress web development companies in the UK to add additions like 2-factor login to protect themselves from high-level hacks.

4. Ignoring Analytics

While this is tied to a company’s SEO side, it’s one of the biggest mistakes a company can make if WordPress doesn’t take analytics seriously.

Connecting your website to Google Analytics gives businesses some very valuable data that will help them make smarter decisions and determine how businesses should be doing online. Performance statistics and visitor information are clearly visible without taking any risk every time you make WordPress changes. This is a benefit that will work in the long run.

5. Avoiding Contact Forms

Most companies know how to create a contact page, but many underestimate the importance of this. It’s pretty common for just one email to be listed here and nothing more. There are two problems with this, this will inspire people to get in touch and they have opened up to receive an insane amount of spam.

To prevent this and to enable all visitors to contact us clearly and easily, a contact form must be installed. All WordPress enthusiasts know the advantage that the form weeds out the spam bots from the real people. With so many different form options to choose from, seek advice from UK WordPress web development providers to see what they recommend for your business.

WordPress can be difficult to understand and installing it is certainly far from the end of the road, but with the right maintenance and support, your website can run on the most user-friendly and most integrated host that is bug-free and hassle-free today. don’t be afraid to ask for help! Contact our friendly team of WordPress experts today at info@yellowdigital.uk to explore all the options.